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Epson Legacy Platine 314gsm

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Legacy Sample Pack from Epson Epson Legacy Baryta 85x11 Sheets Epson Etching 85x11 25 Sheets Epson Legacy Platine 8.5x11
Legacy Fibre 85x11 25 Cut Sheets Epson Legacy Textured 8.5in x 11in Sheets of Photo Paper S450308 Epson Legacy Baryta 13x19 25 Sheets Epson Legacy Etching 13x19
Epson Platine 13x19 Epson Legacy Fibre Rag 314gsm 13in x 19in 25 Sheets Legacy Textured 13in x 19in Sheets of Photo Paper S450309 Epson Legacy Baryta 17x22 Sheets
Epson Legacy Etching 17x22 Epson Legacy Platine 17x22 Sheets Epson Legacy Fibre Rag 314gsm 17"x22" 25 Sheets Legacy Platine 17in x 50ft Roll of Photo Paper S450076
Epson Legacy Fiber 17in Roll Epson Legacy Textured 17in x 50ft Roll of Photo Paper S450311 Legacy Baryta Paper 17x50 Roll Epson Legacy Textured 17in x 22in Sheets of Photo Paper S450310
Epson Legacy Etching 17in Roll Epson Legacy Baryta 24in Roll Epson Legacy Platine 24in Roll Legacy Textured 24in x 50ft Roll of Photo Paper S450312
Epson Legacy Etching 24in Roll Paper Epson Legacy Fibre 24in Roll Paper Epson Legacy Baryta 44in Roll Epson Legacy Textured 44in x 50ft Roll of Photo Paper S450313
Epson Legacy Platine 314gsm 44in x 50ft Roll Legacy Fibre Rag 44in Roll Epson Legacy Etching 44in Roll Paper Epson Legacy Textured 60in x 50ft Roll of Photo Paper S450314

In collaboration with the world's greatest artists, Epson Legacy Papers were developed for those who intend to sell their prints to both art collectors and investors. Epson Legacy Papers are the best possible papers for artists looking to sell or display their work. Both the look and feel of Legacy Papers establish an emotional connection with clients.

Working with Famous European paper makers, art galleries, and chemical engineers, Epson ensured the Legacy Paper line to be the finest papers available.

As a result, Epson Legacy Papers produce outstanding black density and color fidelity along with exceptional archival properties required for high-end photographic fine art printing.

These medias are designed specifically for use with the Epson P-Series printers. In conjunction with genuine Epson P-Series Inks, these papers are designed to last hundreds of years.

Epson Legacy Photo Papers

Epson Legacy Platine is a 100% Cotton Fibre Paper with a bright OBA-free, smooth satin finish. With a unique feel of an artistic paper of centuries past, along with an outstanding color gamut, Legacy Platine is a paper that is exceptional for both color and black and white printmaking.

Epson Legacy Baryta has a white, smooth satin finish, utilizing two barium sulfate coatings. Inspired by the F64 group, this paper takes the best of revered silver halide technology to new levels of quality. OBAs used to brighten Legacy Baryta making it perfect for creating a top notch photo print.

Epson Legacy Fine Art Papers

Epson Legacy Fibre is made of 100% Cotton Fibre and has an exceptionally bright OBA-free, smooth matte finish. With an outstanding black density, this paper is ideal for all types of higher-end printmaking.

Epson Legacy Etching is a 100% Cotton Fibre paper with a bright OBA-free, uniquely textured matte finish beloved by artists for centuries. This paper has the feel of traditional etching papers with its lightly textured finish.

Epson Legacy Textured is a pure white 100% cotton fiber paper with a highly textured surface and a matte finish.

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