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ImagePrint Black for Epson and Canon 24" Printers

ImagePrint Black for Epson and Canon 24" Printers

Our Price: $1,495.00

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Product Code: IP24

Imageprint Black for 24" Printers

ImagePrint Blackcan streamline any digital workflow, with a drag and drop file browser and user definable layout modes that automate everything from contact sheets to fine art prints.
A hybrid application that performs equally well on both Windows 7-10 and OSX 10.11 or higher operating systems, ImagePrint 10 features new technology that brings even greater capability to inkjet printers.
We eliminate over-thinking. We print the targets and build the profiles. We make sure you have the right profile beforeyou print. We show you EXACTLY what it will look like before you print.

Supported printers:

Canon PRO-2000
Epson P6000
Epson P7000CE
Epson P7000
Epson 7890
Epson 7900
Epson 7880
Epson 7800
Epson 7600
From the manufacturer:
In 2001, ImagePrint 6 set the standard for fine art quality from an inkjet printer. We continue to demand it, and our customers expect nothing less. That's a very high bar and not all printers can deliver it. We continue to evaluate new printers and will bring support for any that meet our strict standard of performance.
ImagePrint is sold on a per-printer basis using a concept called "licensing." You'll need one license for each printer that you plan to use with ImagePrint and discounts are available if you license more than one printer. Our licensing is very flexible and you can exchange your current license for a larger or smaller one at any time.

In addition to standard RIP software features, ImagePrint Version 10 offers assets found only in ImagePrint:
  • UI enhancements & multi=-page live preview - New in Version 10!
  • View corrections before and after - New in Version 10!
  • New alignment tools and grids - New in Version 10!
  • New template creation window & grouped template - New in Version 10!
  • Page spreads - New in Version 10!
  • Updating ImagePrint - New in Version 10!
  • Free profiles: as an ImagePrint user, you have access to our profile vault of custom profiles for 92 paper manufacturers. If we don't already have a profile that will work with your media, we'll build one for you. Free.
  • Online tutorials: Everything is easier after you've seen it done once (or twice). Have an idea for a new tutorial? Email us. Click here to view a list of ImagePrint tutorials!
  • No linearization required: You won't find the word "linearization" anywhere in our software. Our sophisticated ink recipes use our own technology - 3 years in the making - to maximize the gamut for each paper that we profile for your printer. Other RIPS would like you to believe that their linearization tool is a feature. The truth is, the method was developed during the last century for the pre-press industry, making it a poor fit for inkjets. Not only do you waste time, paper and ink, the method actually limits the gamut of your printer.
  • Five temperatures + gray: Light is not white. It comes in many shades, from the cool-white of D5000 to the warm-white of tungsten. Profiling to the wrong light source is the number one cause of those undesirable color shifts you may have noticed in your prints. Everyone else profiles for only one color of white — D5000 — the old, traditional lightbox standard. Imageprint includes 5 colors of white for every paper we profile, PLUS grayscale for the black and white enthusiast.
  • Non-destructive adjustments: All of the adjustments you make in ImagePrint, including crops, tints, text and borders, are totally non-destructive. We will never overwrite your original file.
  • No color science degree required: The profiles we build for ImagePrint are as optimized as you can get. When you choose one of our 25,000 plus ICC profiles, all of the printer settings needed to lay down the perfect amount of ink are taken care of, automatically.
  • Live technical support: Get support for ImagePrint by phone or email from a real, live person. A full year is included at no additional charge and we'll continue to support everyone who uses our most current release.
  • True Blues: What color is the sky where you are? Yeah, here too. Blues are another real challenge for inkjet printers and purple skies are a common complaint. Without ImagePrint, you're stuck going back to the photo editor for more tweaking. Then another print. Then more tweaking. We've put a lot of hours into perfecting the color blue on inkjets, so you don't have to waste yours compensating for your printer.
  • Natural skin tones: Your photos look fantastic on the screen, but when you print? The skin tones look green. Fine for a lizard, but not the mother-of-the-bride. If you find yourself tweaking images to overcompensate for the green tone that only shows up when you print, you are going to love ImagePrint. We print exactly what's in the file - and nothing more. No other software comes close to matching our skin tone accuracy.
  • Custom TCL scripts: Many large print shops have a special workflow requirement that they'd like to automate. In most cases we can provide a custom TCL script to accomodate them. Usually free of charge.
  • Unlimited installations: The same CD can be used to install ImagePrint on Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, or Windows 7 and higher. Install it on both if you'd like. There's no limit on the number of computers you can install us on.
  • Fast, high resolution previews on demand: ImagePrint renders high resolution previews faster than anyone else. When you need to see more detail than our standard preview offers, a high resolution view is just a click away.
  • Grayscale from color in one easy step: Forget about creating a separate file. You can make grayscale prints from color images simply by choosing one of our tru-gray profiles. Tru-gray profiles are an ImagePrint exclusive. Only we deliver 256 shades from black to white. Our competitors tweak color profiles and try to approximate the fine gradations needed to transition smoothly from white to black. But it's a poor substitute for a profile engineered exclusively for grayscale images.
  • B&W special effects: Only ImagePrint includes our classic grayscale Tint Picker for a creating traditional B & W effects, like Sepia and Selenium. Plus, our latest innovation, the Wide Gamut Tint Picker for making more aggressive changes like those you see gold-toning and brown-toning effects.
  • Open shadow detail: We are the industry leader in black and white controls. Only ImagePrint captures all of the shadow and mid-tone details that the other software packages leave behind.
  • Colorized B&W: ImagePrint is the only software package to use two profiles for the same image to create smooth transitions, and neutral grays in colorized black and white images.
Looking to upgrade or add additional licenses? Call our ImagePrint specialists at 800-771-9665

UI enhancements & multi=-page live preview - New in Version 10!
View corrections before and after - New in Version 10!
New alignment tools and grids - New in Version 10!
New template creation window & grouped template - New in Version 10!

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