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InkAID Sample Set

InkAID Sample Set

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InkAID Sample Set - The inkAID Sample Set contains 4 oz. (125 ml) of White Matte, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Gloss, Clear Gloss Type II, Clear Matte, Translucent Gloss, and Pearl Iridescent.

inkAID™ coatings provide the ability to ink jet print on virtually any type of substrate with clean, clear, crisp imaging with brilliant colors and high definition.

Basic Instructions: Stir, Brush, Air Dry and Print! It's that easy, be sure to watch the instructional video above for more information. MSDS sheets can be found here.

Artists can now print on almost anything that they can feed into their inkjet printers!

The coating on commercially prepared inkjet papers, canvases, films, etc. is designed to control the size of the inkjet dot, to adhere the water-based ink to the substrate, and to speed drying time. Now artists can use inkAID to prepare the material of their choice for inkjet printing.

inkAID is a remarkable set of precoats in clear gloss, clear semi gloss and white matte, which give artists using inkjet printers a wide range of substrate options. Developed in conjunction with digital artists, inkAID can be used on papers of all kinds, aluminum, acrylic sheets, and wood, for just a few examples. No special equipment is needed, just a spirit of adventure.

inkAID gives creative digital artists the opportunity to create unlimited types of surfaces on which to print including traditional fine art papers, metal, plastic and wood veneer. Since the ink doesn't soak into the paper, the print is considerably more vibrant. Painting, collages and other mixed media can also be coated to allow the addition of an inkjet printed image to the composition.

After coating, some media may need to be pressed flat to fit into the printer. Hanging paper as it dries often helps minimize wrinkles, as does giving the whole sheet an even coat of the adhesive.

Color profiles you may have been using will probably have to be adjusted, especially when your substrate is not white. Test small samples first.

NOTE: For Printers with Pizza Wheels
Most desktop inkjet printers have wheels, tabs or Rollers that come in contact with the image after it is printed. This will not cause a problem with White Matte inkAID. While clear inkAID will work to coat porous materials like paper for use in desktop printers, on nonporous materials, like plastic, the ink briefly wets the inkAID and the Rollers can "track" or drag the ink and precoats. Because of this it is not recommended to use clear inkAID products on nonporous media if your printer has these 'pizza' wheels or Rollers. While there are websites that describe how to raise or remove 'pizza' wheels, doing so is likely to void your printer warranty. Note that most larger inkjet printers, usually 24” wide and above, do not have any wheel, tab, or Roller which contact the image after printing, making precoat usage on non-porous materials trouble free.

Because this product is water based, it can be damaged by freezing. When ordering be certain that your delivery address is to a location where the package will be immediately accepted or picked up. UPS will generally leave residential packages without a signature, so during cold times of year - have them delivered to a commercial site or watch the tracking info so you know when it was delivered.

Additional inkAID FAQs (from the inkAID website)
1. Books There are a number of excellent books written about processes that utilize the inkAID products. Some of these include: Digital Art Studio: Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials by Karin Schminke, Bonny Piece Lhotka, and Dorothy Simpson Krause. Digital Photo Art: Transform Your Images with Traditional & Contemporary Art Techniques by Theresa Airey. 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers by Andrew Darlow.

2. Instructional DVD’s We recommend these two DVD’s for exploring more creative ways to use inkAID. They explain groundbreaking processes step-by-step to create some really awesome work! Both DVDs are available for purchase on the inkAID website.

Beyond the Digital Print, by Mary Taylor.You’ll see 4 techniques for preparing custom substrates using both traditional artist’s materials and more bold materials. The DVD includes a Resource Booklet (in pdf format viewable on computer) with each technique briefly explained with a materials list. Each technique demonstrates ways to use inkAID to prepare custom surfaces for inkjet printing.

Inkjet Transfer Techniques- Gelatin and Gel Transfer Processes for Alternative Photography and Fine Art, by Bonny Lhotka, Digital Art Studio Seminars. 120 minutes. Learn 8 new processes for transferring inkjet prints to other surfaces using gelatin, gels, and fresco gelatin. All processes are suitable for desktop and wide format printers using pigment inks. This seminar series is for all artists and photographers looking for alternative processes for expanding on how to express their own creative voice. Processes covered require the use of inkjet media like the DASS™ Transfer Film or other media with a water soluble coating that will release the image.

3. Online Forum – The inkAID Yahoo group hosts a lively discussion, with dozens of artists and photographers covering a wide range of expertise sharing their knowledge and discussing processes and problems involved with inkAID applications. There are several other great online artistic/photographic forums that sometimes discuss inkAID.

4. Youtube.com clips Right now there are four youtube.com clips focused around inkAID. Visit youtube.com and type “inkAID” into the search box to draw up these clips (or click here). They’re great demonstrations about how to coat your own substrates, perform transfers, and more.

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