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Hahnemuhle Varnish - Glossy

Hahnemuhle Varnish - Glossy - 1 Liter Bottle

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Hahnemuhle Varnish will professionally add a protective finish to the surface of your canvas inkjet prints.

This varnish was designed for Hahnemuhle and HARMAN by Hahnemuhle canvases to increase the lightfastness of prints and makes the surface water-resistant. This fast drying varnish comes as a ready-to-use mixture and can easily be applied with a foam roller.

Hahnemuhle Varnish is water-based. It adds richness to the blacks and color gamut of pigment and ultrachrome inks. It also preserves your colors from fading. Additionally, the varnish will protect your canvases from cracking and guards against fungals caused by environments with high humidity. The varnish leaves nothing but a clear coating after application.

Hahnemuhle Varnish is available in three different versions. You can choose between a matte, satin and glossy finish.



1. Do I have to dilute Hahnemuhle Varnish?

In general you can use all 3 Hahnemuhle varnishes without any dilution. However, to ease handling or for large size works, you can add up to 10% distilled water to the amount of varnish you need. If you apply varnish with a spray gun, a dilution might be necessary in order to achieve the best spray application results.This is dependent on the kind of spray gun you are using. Please note: To avoid any damage to your prints, it is necessary to use distilled water for dilution only.

2. Do I have to mix varnish prior to application?

Before the coating, Hahnemuhle varnish needs to be stirred thoroughly for about two to three minutes. As the mixture of varnish might typically separate after some time, make sure that you reach down to the very bottom of the can to bring up any solid parts that have separated and aren't fully mixed. Stir the varnish until it has reached a fully even consistency. Stirring slowly and at consistent pace will avoid air bubbles in the mixture. Make sure you only use acid free tools for stirring.

3. What can I do if I have flakes or solid parts in my varnish?

If you should discover that flakes or solid parts still remain after thoroughly stirring the varnish mixture, simply pour the amount of varnish you need through a fine sieve or strainer. This will filter all solid and not fully mixed parts out of the varnish leaving you with pure fluid material for your coating.

4. How long do I need to wait before coating after printing?

The prints need to be fully dried before applying the varnish. Our recommendation is to let your prints dry for at least 24 hours. Please note: Make sure your prints are completely dust and lint-free. Varnishing should be carried out on an even and clean surface only.

5. How long does Hahnemuhle varnish take to dry?

Under ideal conditions (approx. 10-22C/ 50-72F ambient temperature and 30-50% humidity) Hahnemuhle varnish becomes dry to the touch after about 30 minutes. To have the varnish completely dried, we recommend to let it rest overnight or better for 24 hours. Depending on the thickness of layers and other environmental factors such as humidity, air circulation and ambient temperature, the complete drying time of Hahnemuhle varnish might also exceed 24 hours.

6. Is it possible to apply Hahnemuhle varnish with a spray gun/ HVLP?

Yes, however the quality and results of the coating depend on the kind of spray gun/ HVLP that you are using. If the spraying nozzle happens to be very fine, it might become plugged or splutter resulting in an uneven coating. In this case, we recommend the dilution of varnish with about 5-10% distilled water for the amount of varnish you need and possibly the usage of a different nozzle. Moreover your spraying device needs to provide a consistent air pressure.

7. What advantages do I get when using a foam roller instead of a fabric roller?

Compared to fabric roller, a foam roller leaves less small bubbles on the print. The surface of the coating is enhanced when using a foam roller.

8. What can I do if ink is coming up on the roller while coating?

Be sure you have used the correct printer settings and ICC-profiles for your printing. Due to wrong settings, too much ink might have been used. The excess ink will then only dry on the surface and can be picked up on the roller while coating. If all settings were correct, be sure that you have allowed enough time for the print to fully dry (see above) Please note: Avoid changing the direction of rolling while coating. Due to the friction encountered with the change in direction, ink can also be picked up on the roller. Always roll in straight lines.

9. How can I prevent roller marks while coating?

Hahnemuhle varnish needs to be applied with slight pressure. If roller marks should occur, simply go over the affected parts of the surface with the roller again. Repeat this until all roller marks have disappeared. When coating, roll over the surface in straight lines starting vertically, then horizontally and finally diagonally. Let the Hahnemuhle varnish dry for 2-3 minutes, then roll over the surface again. Please note: Any roller marks need to be removed while the surface is still wet.

10. How do I prevent air bubbles or blistering when coating?

Apply Hahnemuhle varnish in thin layers to prevent blistering. If air bubbles or blistering should occur, simply go over the affected parts with your roller again using light pressure. This should break and remove the air bubbles. If air bubbles appear while spraying the varnish, simply spray over another thin layer. This should break the bubbles. Please note: Any air bubbles need to be removed while the surface is still wet.

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