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EFI Fiery proServer SE 7 & 1 YR SMSA

EFI Fiery proServer SE 7 & 1 YR SMSA

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EFI Fiery proServer SE 7 & 1 YR SMSA

EFI high-performance Windows-based Fiery Server with furniture. Localized operating system (EFIGSCJ). English keyboard. ES-2000 spectrophotometer.

Includes 1 YR Software Maintenance and Support Agreement for Fiery XF software

Includes 1 YR hardware maintenance plan for full replacement of your unit or peripherals

License configuration: Fiery XF Windows Server (incl. Spot Color support & FAST RIP), 10 concurrent Clients, Cut Marks Option, Color Profiler Option, Color Verifier Option, Printer Option EFI

High-productivity digital front ends

Fiery® proServers combine Fiery XF with EFI's cutting-edge server hardware. They provide color management, production tools, workflow, and EFI's FAST RIP technology to provide industry-leading turnkey solutions for your wide to superwide print production — all with the unrivaled power of EFI™ Fiery Command WorkStation® digital print job management.

Designed for EFI™ printers, Fiery proServers provide the perfect solution to eliminate idle printer time, maximizing on your printer investments.

Combined with Fiery XF 7's built-in production tools, professional color management, and flexible workflow possibilities, they will enhance your wide or superwide print business.

Unrivaled print job management

Fiery proServers benefit from a new user experience — EFI Fiery Command WorkStation® — the world's most popular interface for the management, layout, and editing of digital print jobs. Command WorkStation can connect to multiple Fiery servers at a time, whether driving inkjet or cutsheet printers for unified print job management through a single interface. The visual Fiery Job Editor allows you to apply job-specific settings on the fly, or to change properties beyond workflow defaults. The Fiery Job Center delivers unrivaled print job management, with the same power and usability for both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® macOS® users.

  • Automation levels to suit everyone:
    • Job-centric management, layout editing and output control
    • Semi-automatic job handling
    • Full workflow automation of printer, media, layout and color management settings
  • Focused software areas all from one interface for:
    • Job management
    • Job editing and layout
    • Color management
    • Server and printer administration
  • Unlimited installations of Fiery Command WorkStation:
    • Up to 10 concurrent Fiery server connections from 1 Fiery Command WorkStation
    • Up to 10 concurrent Fiery Command WorkStation connections to a Fiery server
  • Superior job handling with:
    • Comprehensive searching and filtering to find jobs more easily
    • Maximum space for critical job management areas such as the job list in the Fiery Job Center
    • Views of key job information with less navigation
    • Immediate access to everyday print tasks

Maximum productivity and throughput

EFI’s exclusive Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP), now available for Fiery XF users, accelerates file processing speeds by an average of 5 times. Fiery XF 7 has automation levels to suit everyone, and a customizable interface that can be tailored to suit the way each individual prefers to operate. Its award-winning cross-platform client interface reduces learning curves, and creates production efficiencies in mixed technology print rooms resulting in maximum productivity and throughput.

  • EFI exclusive Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP)
    • Accelerates processing times by an average of 5
    • Accelerates processing times by up to a factor of 10
  • Multi and parallel processing
    • Increases throughput by enabling jobs to spool, process, and print simultaneously
  • Comprehensive built-in production tools
    • Tiling
    • Nesting
    • Step and repeat
    • Cutting
    • Cutting barcode creation
    • Late colour editing
  • Adaptable user interface
    • Customisable workspaces provide a clean UI and faster navigation
    • Context-sensitive interface only shows tools where they are needed
    • Password protected admin and user levels increase security

Ultimate color, quality and control

Proof-grade color controls and verification mean industry standard compliant color results — no matter the application or product being produced. 100% EFI-developed color management using ICC technology, combined with sophisticated iterative spot and process color optimization routines deliver superior color. Its screening algorithms are engineered to maximize both print quality and printer performance, providing ultimate color, quality and control, in the least amount of time.

  • Fastest time to excellent color with:
    • Engineered pre-linearization settings and defaults
    • Accurate calibration in just a few easy steps
    • Built-in wizard-driven profile creation
    • Easy and intelligent output optimization
  • Sophisticated spot color handling:
    • Support for Pantone, Pantone Plus, TOYO, HKS, DIC and custom spot color libraries
    • Overprint, transparency and gradation controls
    • Spot color variations and swatch book printing
  • Comprehensive color tools:
    • ICC profile creation, including multi-channel and device link profiles
    • Profile inspection, correction and editing
    • Re-linearization and optimization
    • Profile white-point editing
    • Monitor calibration and profiling
  • Technology for automatic best results:
    • Dynamic Wedge™ control strip
    • Dynamic rendering intents
    • Intelligent clean colors
    • Dynamic smoothing
  • Maximum fidelity while maintaining perfect gray balance

Business-savvy print production

Fiery proServers maximize print production profits by providing business insights, and keeping your print operation running smoothly and efficiently. Fiery servers are the central hub of the EFI ecosystem connecting to EFI’s MIS or Web-to-Print systems for print room integration and automation. Combine this with EFI’s worldwide and world-class support; the result is the most business-savvy digital front end solutions available.

  • Economies of a shared job management interface – Fiery Command WorkStation:
    • Reduced learning curves for operators, administrators and managers
    • Operational flexibility of all users
    • Reduced IT overheads and investments
    • Production efficiencies
    • More in-house experts
  • Lowest cost of total ownership with:
    • Support and maintenance included for the first year, and the most affordable thereafter
    • Affordable add-ons and upgrades
    • No charge for Fiery Command WorkStation upgrades
  • Accessible learning opportunities and support for all:
    • Professional eLearning and industry certifications
    • Affordable and no-charge learning options
    • Range of onsite professional services
    • Worldwide and world-class technical support
  • Cross-applications solutions:
    • Hybrid offering with production and proofing in one
    • Cross-industry solutions for display graphics, proofing, textile, photo, ceramic, fine art and more
  • EFI:
    • Market leader in many digital print industries
    • Reliable, known, and trusted industry standard solutions
    • Truly global manufacturer of print technology

Fiery proServer SE

The high-performance offering for selected EFI midrange printers, features FAST RIP and EFI server hardware. It contains:

  • EFI high-performance Windows-based Fiery server
  • Fiery XF server software for Windows® including:
  • Spot Color support
  • Color Profiler Option
  • Color Verifier Option
  • Cut Marks Option
  • ES-2000 measurement device
  • Printer Option EFI
  • Unlimited macOS® or Windows® installations of Fiery Command WorkStation®
  • Up to 10 concurrent connections
  • 1-year Fiery proServer hardware and Fiery XF software warranty

Printer Options M, XL and XXL

Printer Options M, XL and XXL support many output devices such as inkjet, LED and laser printers. Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers with a printing width of 18". Printer Option XL caters to printers with a printing width of 19" to 24," while Printer Option XXL is for printers with a printing width over 25". The basic package includes Printer Option M; however, you can add other printer options at any time. DATASHEET

Printer Option Wide Format / Super Wide Format

These Printer Options supports a continuously increasing number of wide to superwide format printers from many manufactures such as HP, Durst and NUR. DATASHEET

Color Profiler Option

Gain color precision, consistency and accuracy with the Color Profiler Option based on the renowned Fiery Color Profiler Suite. The advanced tool set provides quick and easy ICC and device link profile creation that produces the highest quality results every time, increasing your customer satisfaction. The option enables you to inspect, edit and optimize profiles plus compare profile gamuts giving you ultimate control over your color output. DATASHEET

Cut Marks Option

Save Time and Money While Decreasing Waste. The Cut Marks Option generates and places marks in your job and extracts multiple cut paths. The option seamlessly connects to the Zund Cut Center, which ensures a reliable cut workflow by eliminating errors and automating time-consuming tasks. If you have a wide to superwide printer in a production environment, the Cut Mark Option also offers you a new type of mark: The Option also includes iCut level 1 and 2 for maximum flexibility and connectivity to any third party cutting application. Note: The Cut Marks Options comes with licenses for the Zund Cut Center and iCut level 1 & 2. It requires Spot Color Option to work. DATASHEET

Spot Color Option

The Spot Color Option ensures perfect spot colors every time. It allows you to produce consistent colors across all media to preserve your brand image or increase your customer satisfaction. There also are an unlimited number of spot colors per job, so there are no limits on what you can produce. In addition, EFI's work with leading spot color systems such as Pantone, HKS, Toyo and DIC ensures that Colorproofª XF's definitions match the original definitions. It also satisfies the most demanding customer requirements with high-performance features that define spot colors, transparencies gradation curves and much more. DATASHEET

Cut Server Option

This automated solution, powered by SAi technology, supports over 1,300 cutting devices and routing tables from more than 80 different manufacturers, saving you precious time by eliminating the need to work with different software for each cutter type. The Cut Server Option increases your productivity by connecting together your printed output and finishing processes. It lets you run up to 4 cut servers, which in total allows you to drive up to 8 cutting engines in parallel to meet those tight turnaround times. Best of all, the option is easy-to-use and configure; anyone can use it, regardless of their experience level. DATASHEET

Color Verifier Option

The Color Verifier Option brings quality control to your environment enabling employees anywhere to work with the same colors, and produce consistent color output every time. This flexible option supports a variety of measuring devices and industry standard control strips, plus EFI's unique Dynamic Wedge™ technology for job-specific color verification. You can check your results against ISO standards, or your own quality standards by defining individual tolerances and values. It can also cut your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing and printing solution. DATASHEET

Sign Flow Option

For selected EFI printers, the Sign Flow Option streamlines the production and installation of in-store campaigns in several ways. It delivers the fastest possible print-production by only needing to RIP new print files, existing RTL files can be retrieved from file storage to complete a print run. Plus, Sign Flow can print signs and panels in any sequence which can be predefined for the most time-efficient in-store installation saving both production time and installation costs. DATASHEET

Ink Saving Option

For selected EFI and non-EFI printers*, the Fiery Ink Saving option can reduce your ink consumption buy up to 40%** while still maintaining the optimal image quality for your job types. DATASHEET

* See the supported printer list
for Fiery Ink Saving support.

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