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EFI ColorProof XF 4.5 Satellite (Remote Only Version) & One Year Support Contract

EFI ColorProof XF 4.5 Satellite (Remote Only Version) & One Year Support Contract

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EFI ColorProof XF 4.5 Satelitte

EFI Colorproofª XF offers a professional-level RIP solution for graphic arts businesses
that need to produce ISO 12647-7/8 compliant validation prints and contract proofs on
inkjet, laser and LED printers. The solution offers you all the tools to manage your color
best and to master any proofng or printing task.

Choose the Industry-Leading Cross-Platform Solution for Proofng to Produce
High Quality Color Every Time!

Get Flexibility through a Modular, Cross Platform Solution
Colorproof XFÕs modular architecture allows you to customize the ICC compliant solution to meet
your specifc needs and operation size, whether you are doing proofng, photo or large-format
production. The cross platform client/server application also is easy to set up, confgure and use
because of its application wizards and intuitive user interface. These tools allow you to easily
manage each job, output confguration and location in a remote proofng environment.

Achieve Accurate Results Every Time with Breakthrough Color Technology

Colorproof XF comes with many features to ensure that you produce consistent and accurate
color every time. For example, it provides you with all necessary tools to set up your whole system and environment
perfectly or to let you optimize the color quality of the included linearization/profile sets easily.
In addition, its intelligent calibration features enable you to bring back your system to its original state.

With the cutting-edge spot color simulation technique, Colorproof XF also creates spot color simulations
with challenging low Delta Es.

You also can harness EFIÕs patent-pending Dynamic Wedgeª, a dynamically created control strip that
shows jobsÕ key colors Ð including the spot colors - for verifying, and if required, optimizing their color
accuracy. The EFI Dynamic Wedge is perfectly suited for color critical print jobs where a static wedge
(e.g., Ugra/Fogra media wedge) does not refect the key colors adequately or spot colors at all.
In addition, Colorproof XF offers full support of the latest printer technology with an embedded
spectrophotometer that provides you with an automated workfow to maximize your productivity.
The technology handles each step of the color measurement process automatically from linearization,
profling, calibration, optimization and verifcation. It also enables you to print labels directly on the output.

Increase your Effciency and Speed with Powerful Production Tools

The solution offers production tools that transform your printer into a fast and effcient production device.
These tools include functions such as tiling, step & repeat and color adjustments. In addition, ColorproofÕs
outstanding nesting capabilities lower your production costs dramatically by decreasing paper waste.

Supports Industry Standards for Greater Flexibility

Colorproof XF is focused on supporting industry standards, so it can be easily integrated into
open standard workfows. As a result, you can do tasks such as produce ICC compliant proofs
according to ISO12647-7 or G7 or process PDF/X fles or Pantone Goe spot colors. Colorproof XF
also supports the latest technologies for streamlining and enhancing workfow communication
such as the Adobe¨ PDF Print Engine.

Harness the Benefts of Remote Proofng with Integrated Technology

The solution comes with integrated remote proofng technology to easily set up remote proofng
workfows. It ensures consistent proof results at any location in your remote environment. Combined
with the latest printers, the embedded spectrophotometers also allow you to proft from the most
effcient remote proofng workfow ever. Speed up your production and save your money on expensive
courier services.

If you want to only do processing, printout and verifcation of remote proofng jobs, than choose the
affordable EFI Colorproof XF Satellite. The solution only supports the Remote Proofng Format (RPF)
as the input format and already includes the Color Verifer Option.

Streamline Workfow Using Other Leading EFI Solutions

Colorproof XF integrates with other EFIª solutions to meet your current and future printing needs.
Now, you can streamline your production process, increase your productivity, and save money by
avoiding redundant steps using EFI Print MIS and Web-to-Print solutions via a JDF connector.

Delivers Solutions for the Entire Color Supply Chain

Coupled with other EFI solutions, Colorproof XF is the answer to your challenges with the Color Supply
Chain -- the end-to-end process of producing good color from creative design to production and output.
The benefts include faster execution, reduced costs and consistent corporate colors.

Product options

Color Manager Option: Provides ICC-based tools for professional creation of ICC and device link profiles

Color Verifer Option: Verify the quality and reliability of your printouts through measuring and comparing color values against ISO or own quality standards

Dot Creator Option: Output contone data as screened prints or proofs to simulate the AM screening characteristics of the fnal run

OneBit Option: Proof the screening of the final run by using the screen data created by the filmsetter or platesetter RIP

Proof Option: Delivers Ugra/FOGRA media wedge,file input formats CT/LW / Tiff-IT / Delta, supports Device Link Profiles

Japanese Font Option: Benefit from the integrated font download and additional Japanese characters

Output options Printer Options M, XL and XXL: Supports a wide range of inkjet, LED and laser printers of various printer vendors; depending on the size of your printer:

Printer Option M for up to 18ÕÕ or A2
Printer Option XL for 24Ó printers
Printer Option XXL for printers bigger than 24Ó

Dedicated Printer Options:

Printer Option VUTEk for EFI VUTEk printers
Printer Option Rastek for EFI Rastek printers
Printer Option OKI for OKI printers
Printer Option Special for Mimaki UJF-605
Fiery Option: Output of color managed fles on
xerographic devices driven by external and embedded Fiery controllers
File Export Option: Export color managed TIFF
and PDF files



EFI Colorproofª XF delivers a versatile solution for proofing, large-format production and photographic printing that combines the companyÕs latest color technology with industry-standard off-the-shelf hardware. The solution offers fast, flexible workflow, power, and expandability and affordability. The basic package starts with the EFI Colorproof XF Server, an unlimited numbers of Client Options and Printer Option M. By adding extra output and product options, the solution meets growing businesses needs. EFI Colorproof XF caters to digital, commercial and hybrid printers, prepress providers, publishers, creative agencies and photographers.

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-format support. The solution offers additional customer value through its international support for accepted formats such as PostScript, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, TIFF/IT, PSD, Scitex CT/LW, Delta List and DCS.
  • Advanced color management. EFI Colorproof XF manages color based on universally accepted ICC profiles, enabling users to build in color-controlled proofing throughout the prepress and printing process.
  • Expanded workflow. Compliance with the latest JDF data exchange format opens EFI Colorproof XF to the widest range of workflows Ñ maximizing efficiency through a two-way digital information exchange.
  • Seamless cross-platform integration. EFI Colorproof XF delivers the ultimate flexibility by enabling the use of Macintosh¨ workstations with Windows-based servers.
  • Flexibility for different applications and tasks. Users can produce convincing proofs for large-format printers that perfectly simulate the final print run for cost-effective posters, banners and brilliant, vivid photos.

Output Option Highlights

  • Mix and match output options. Printer Options M, XL* and XXL* offer three output options depending on the printer size, making the output options unlimited.
  • Extended proofing capabilities to Fiery. EFI Colorproof XFÕs Fiery Option* allows graphic professionals to harness the power, performance and speed of Fiery technology in the proofing process. This feature enables users to print their proofing jobs directly from Fiery-driven devices and to build multi-purpose printer pools to do contract, content and concept proofing and digital print production.
  • Ability to export color-managed files. With the File Export Option*, users can achieve a more flexible workflow and export color-managed TIFF and PDF files. With the Gravure Option*, they create separated grayscale TIFFs for digital engraving of gravure cylinders.

Product Option Highlights

  • Advanced functionality for specific needs. Spot Color Option* enables users to process and output accurate color proofs of supported formats with spot colors. The Color Manager Option* provides a suite of ICC-based tools for managing color and optimizing the system for the unique characteristics of a well-defined environment, while the Color Verifier Option* assures consistent color quality by measuring and comparing color values.
  • Identical proof and final print output. The OneBit Option* eliminates the screening challenge by reading the same data that drives the final output device Ñ one-bit files produced by the leading imagesetters and platesetters. With this option, RIPping takes place before proofing, maintaining the exact content of the one-bit file. EFI's Dot Creator Option* tackles the screening challenge from a different angle. The solution reads continuous-tone data and rasterizes it for output on DOD inkjet printers without the need for an imagesetter and platesetter RIP.
  • Expand services with large-format printing. The Production Option* transforms large-format printers into fast solutions that produce additional services such as poster or banner production for generating new revenue streams. The option provides cutting-edge production features such as expanded step & repeat for easier and quicker pattern creation, and a tiling function, which enables the processing of print jobs that are larger then the printer width. It also allows users to make real-time color adjustments.

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