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D Roller Model 150 -24" Width (1.5" tube)

D Roller Model 150 -24" Width (1.5" tube)

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D Roller Model 150 -24" Width (1.5" tube)

The BIENFANG ® De-Roller takes the curl out of prints and posters in minutes! This first-of-its-kind accessory provides an ingenious solution to the curling problems plaguing framers. Now, by simply using De-Roller, you can take the curl out of posters, digital printouts, and photographic and fine art papers in minutes — without causing damage or wasting hours of your valuable time. The process is safe, simple and much more efficient, allowing framers to increase productivity without risk. Two Models, for art that is safely and permanently uncurled and ready to mount.

The D-Roller will allow you to take the curl out of fine art papers that come off a Roll. Most fine art papers can be "D-Rolled" in just a few seconds. Non rag papers will require more D-Rolling time than 100% rag papers. This means more time Rolled up in the D-Roller, but rarely more than a few minutes.

The D-Roller product grew out of a need by Don Dressler of Glastonbury Design to generate flat prints rather than those with the frustrating 'Roll memory'. The D-Roller has been tested to de-curl thousands of prints on various fine art papers over the last few years and has just now found it's way to the market.

Although it may seem simple in its design, the D-Rollers has several patent-pending features that make it unique and very hard to duplicate in its performance*. This is a high-quality product that is well-built and beautifully designed. It will give your final prints a finished look and a professional edge. Prints make from Roll paper will no longer have a second class look! (How do expect customers to respect your fine art prints as "Giclées", when they look like they came off a "plotter printer"?).

All 3 sizes of D-Rollers can accommodate prints up to 70 inches long

*Unique D-Roller features: 1. Look a the two pictures above. See the white "carrier" film that is lying almost perfectly flat on the table? It took several years to find a carrier material that had virtually no curl memory, and was able to unRoll onto the table and lay fairly flat time-after-time, after having been wound tightly around the chrome-plated D-Roller tube. 2. You'll notice a grey edge on that white carrier film, closest to the bottom of both pictures. This is a special "breaking strip" that grips and helps to keep the D-Roller in its proper position as you are Rolling or unRolling a print. 3. Where the white carrier film attaches to the D-Roller tube, there is virtually no seam that could cause a crease mark on your prints!

How to D-Curl a print

Select a flat surface with a width larger than the width of the D-Roller and Roll out the white D-Roller carrier film, with the main tube near the edge of the table.

Place the sheet of paper to be D-Curled on the white carrier film near the tube.

With downward force, Roll the tube onto the paper and towards the center of the table.

After you have completely Rolled the paper into the D-Roller, hold the tube in this position for a few second. The length of your holding period will be determined by the type of paper and its thickness.

UnRoll the D-Roller to expose the mostly D-Curled paper. You'll note that the paper's edge furthest from you will still have some curl memory left.

Turn the paper 180 degrees and repeat the above steps. You should now have a perfectly flat print!

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